The Visual Schedule

Managing behaviors in a child with autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder can be HARD! Many times, kids “get stuck” in routines, which can affect their behavior at home, school and in social situations. If you are hitting roadblocks with traditional therapy and behavior approaches, I have developed a training just for you!

As a pediatric occupational therapist and nutrition coach, I teach families how to use visual schedules to improve organizations skills and behaviors in their children. And now I have put together a course that gives you access to all my tips and strategies that I teach my clients in my therapy sessions.

How can a visual schedule help your child? Visual schedules can:
• Reinforce verbal instructions
• Help with transitions
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Help with sequencing
• Support literacy development
• Foster self esteem development
• Nurture independence
• Teach life skills

Do you want to learn how to develop a Visual Schedule to help your child? In my training, I will show you
• How to know if your child could benefit from visual tools
• How to know which visual schedule is the most appropriate for your child
• Quick and easy ways to make a visual schedule without spending a ton of money or time

I have a passion to help others and I know this training can help. The ultimate goal should be to increase your child’s ability to follow routines or changes to routines without any tools and without any meltdowns. And that is a great goal to work towards. But in order for your child to experience enough success to keep moving forward towards this goal, you have to teach the underlying skills before you get to that point.

I feel strongly that most kids need some sort of schedule to help them in their day, and that is why I wanted to make this training affordable to all families. You can purchase this training instead of $49, for just $29

I know you can do this! Purchase my Visual Schedule Training today and start using visual tools in a way that is appropriate for your child.

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