Nutrition Consults and Dietary Supplements

Our therapists have completed advanced nutrition training for children with autism, ADHD, feeding disorders, and other childhood disorders. Research has shown that children with Autism and ADHD often have gut issues impacting their absorption of food and nutrients.  Their diet quality is also not sufficient.  The gut issues combined with nutritional deficiencies then impact other body functions including sleep, cognitive learning, emotions, and other behaviors.

Our therapists are also trained in Bio-Individual nutrition.  Following a comprehensive assessment, our therapists will help make  diet recommendations and  collaborate with you to develop a therapeutic diet that is best suited for your child.  Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic diet programs including: Gluten-free casein-free, allergen-free, elimination diets, Body Ecology/yeast diets, SCD, GAPS, and others.  Therapist can provide recommendations for nutrition protocols following a nutrition and/or behavioral assessment.

The diet and nutrition protocols  for children with Autism, ADHD and other chronic medical conditions  have been shown to support the digestive system and have a positive impact on emotional and behavioral state as well as supporting cognitive function.   Our supplements are professional grade highly absorb-able supplements that are only available through a healthcare professional.  Some of our supplements are available for purchase online

Patients and families can also complete a free, online individual Wellness Assessment  to learn what steps you can take to create a personalized nutritional supplement plan with targeted health support. The entire assessment takes just 10 minutes to complete, and you get your results immediately.


Wellness  Coaching and Complimentary Alternative Medicine

We live in a toxic environment today.  There are chemicals in our everyday products, our food, and in our homes.  Research shows that chemicals and toxins have been linked to sickness, disease, cancers, ADHD, and other behavioral and developmental issues in children.


Through our Wellness Coaching Program, we providing information regarding the effects of environment, nutritional deficiencies, genetics,and toxins on your child’s behavior and help you develop a lifestyle program specific to your child and family needs.



Read Our Story and why we switched to chemical free products.

You can purchase or learn more about the non-toxic products we may incorporate in our Wellness Coaching Program here:

Chemical-free Household Products and Supplements

Professional Grade Essential Oils 

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