Becoming a Sensory Smart Parent

What is Sensory Processing? Sensory Processing refers to how the brain takes in and uses information from the senses (vision, sound, smell, taste, touch, body position and movement) in order for the body to interact with the environment. Some children have difficulty making sense of their environment because they are not processing this sensory information efficiently. Some kids get overloaded or withdraw, while others seem like they can’t get enough sensory input. Some kids are seeking sensory input because they are just being kids. So how do you know if what your child is seeking or avoiding is more than “just being a kid”? Well, as a pediatric occupational therapist and a parent of a child with sensory needs, it can be overwhelming and confusing. So that is why I put together this training to help you. Once you have an idea on what your child is seeking or avoiding, it is much easier to get the resources you need.

So are you ready to become sensory smart? I have taught classes and lectures and I regularly educate parents and teachers on how to use sensory activities to help their children with sensory needs. But as I work with families, I realize that most parents have never really been taught how to recognize their child’s sensory needs or how to use sensory activities to become more efficient with their processing skills. I decided to put that training into a module so that I could help more families like you become more independent in helping their children!

You will be amazed at how using just a few of my tips and strategies will make a huge difference in your child’s behavior.

In my training, you will learn how to:
• Recognize signs of overstimulation
• Intervene before shut down
• Help your child to recover quicker from meltdowns
• Determine which activities will help your child get in the “just right range”
• Help teach your child self control

Normally $99, you can purchase this training for just $79. Register today!

A lot of the free information on the internet if just that….free information. It does not tell you what to do with the information or how to use it with your child. I have talked to lots of parents that have read up on sensory activities. They try several activities that were listed on the internet, but because no one taught them how to know what was right for their child, they were not being as effective as they could have been.

So you can continue to read information on the internet, and run around in circles trying different things until you figure out what works for you child,

Or you can get REAL training on identifying your child’s sensory needs and use sensory activities effectively to facilitate change.

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