Healthy Living and Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

We have found that using some non-traditional and alternative medicine strategies in our therapy sessions is beneficial for some of our clients.  When appropriate and requested by the client or family, we may integrate complimentary and alternative medicine strategies into our sessions and home programs.  This may include assisting with dietary changes, recommending nutritional supplements and trying essential oils.


Learn about which Young Living Essential Oils could benefit your child based on findings from a functional assessment. When used as part of a sensory diet, essential oils can have a positive effect on attention, self regulation, sleep, anxiety, and stress.

When appropriate and requested, we can integrate essential oils into our therapy plan.  This allowing families to determine if this modality is beneficial for themselves and their family members. Read more about how essential oils work and how they support the sensory systems in children with sensory processing disorders such as autism, autism spectrum, and ADD/ADHD, or other developmental concerns.


Contact Us for more information on using essential oils as part of a therapy program and to determine if it would be covered under insurance.  Learn more about how to purchase essential oils here.



Zyto Scan Technology

Take the stress out of guessing which supplement of essential oil might benefit you or your child.  We use Zyto Scan technology to help identify supplements and essential oils that are most compatible with the individual and their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and preferences as that time. Contact Us  for more information on using Zyto Scan Technology or read more here. Zyto Compass

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